THE TROUBLE WITH YOU 1st November 2019

Origin: France   Original title : En liberté !   Length: 108mins  Language: French  Yvonne is a police detective in a town on the French Riviera and the young widow of police chief Santi, a local hero. One day, she learns that her husband was in fact a crooked cop. Determined to right all the wrongs he committed, she will cross paths with one Antoine, who was unjustly imprisoned by Santi for 8 long years. Their encounter leads to a troublesome sequence of wild mishaps. A comedy with romance unlike any other!  [] By the director of PRICELESS (2006)


There will be no Pics and Flicks screening this month 
as Kiama Council is making repairs on the Gerringong Town Hall.

Please join us on 1st November to see the award-winning French comedy that combines laughs, action and romance.

More details here soon or check our Facebook page.

WOMAN AT WAR 27th September, 2019

Please note:  Kiama Council is doing maintenance at Gerringong Town Hall through October so our film night has been brought forward to Friday 27th September.

Our November screening will be back to our usual first Friday of the month, 1st November 2019.
Woman at War
"Near Perfect.  Is there anything rarer than an intelligent feel-good film that knows how to tackle urgent global issues with humour?  Look no further."  Variety. Woman at War, is a dark comedy that takes as its catastrophic subject matter the despoliation of planet Earth and one woman's secret eco-warrior response to local environmental assault in rural Iceland. Halla, the main character balances her environmentalist efforts with a 'usual' life, including leading a local choir and seeking to create a family.
The director, Benedikt Erlingsson, has a career in theatre, film and tv.  His substantial skills ensure this film brings a warmth, wit and wisdom that transcend national and cultural boundaries, makin…

MACADAM STORIES 6th September 2019

Macadam Stories
Rating: M Length: 100 mins Cast: Gustave Kervern, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Isabelle Huppert, Michael Pitt Director and author Samuel Benchetrit brings much of his autobiographical book Asphalt Chronicles to the screen as Macadam Stories, a series of interconnected vignettes set in a public housing complex on the outskirts of Paris. With a focus on six characters, we meet the penny-pinching loaner Sternkowitz (Gustave Kervern from In The Courtyard – Festival 2015), who forges an unlikely relationship with a night nurse (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi). In another thread, inquisitive adolescent Charly (the director’s son Jules Benchetrit) and Jeanne (Isabelle Huppert), an ageing movie star, form a bond that changes them both for the better. In the final instalment, American astronaut, John McKenzie (Michael Pitt) accidentally lands on the apartment of a migrant, Mrs Hamida, and the pair communicate through fractured French while NASA busily stages a cover up. Deadpan and often droll, t…

FACES PLACES 2nd August 2019

GENRE:Documentary DIRECTOR:Agnès Varda DURATION:89 Mins COUNTRIES:France

"Marking a long-awaited return to filmmaking in the year of her 90th birthday, Face Places sees iconic filmmaker Agnès Varda forging an unexpected collaboration with photographer JR as they embark on a road trip like no other. The two artists share a passion for images and how they’re created, displayed and shared; Varda through cinema, JR through his emotionally arresting outdoor installations. Inspired by this connection, they set out in JR’s photo booth-enhanced truck, exploring the villages and small towns of rural France and meeting its humble residents – all the while creating large-scale portraits plastered across unconventional locations. What follows is a heart-warming insight into unnamed communities, documented here in Varda’s typically playful and tender manner. A Cannes Film Festival award-winner and Academy Award nominee, Faces Places is a deeply charming and life-affirming look at not only the sub…

SHOPLIFTERS 5th July 2019

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters is a complex, subtle, mysterious film that builds to the most extraordinary surprise ending, a twist-reveal worthy of psychological suspense noir. Yet the film is nothing like that generically. In fact, it is another of the intricate and nuanced family dramas in the classical Japanese style, of which Kore-eda has made himself a modern master. Its significant plot shifts happen unobtrusively, almost invisibly, except for those big, heart-wrenching revelations in its final section.  Peter Bradshaw, Guardian.

NORMANDY NUDE Friday, 6th June 2019

Rating: M Length: 110 mins Cast: François Cluzet, François-Xavier Demaison, Toby Jones The new comedy from Philippe Le Guay (The Women On The 6th Floor), NORMANDY NUDE is a warm and wise tale starring the irrepressible François Cluzet (The Country DoctorThe Intouchables) as the mayor of a proud farming community who must put aside their grievances in order to save their village.
Language: French with English subtitle