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For the f…

C'EST LA VIE Friday, 7th December 2018

Finely tuned ensemble comedy that sees the preparations for a wedding go hilariously awry
Forget Bridezilla. C’est la Vie boasts Groomzilla Pierre (Lavernhe), whose attempts to micromanage his lavish 17th century chateau wedding to Héléna (Judith Chemla), prove trying for the wedding planner and his battalion of catering staff, musicians and serving staff. It looks fabulous but behind the scenes they've lost the DJ, the photographer keeps eating the canapes, the lamb spoils and there's a rumour that someone from the taxation dept is sniffing around the event. The wedding planner's brother-in-law, a depressed teacher coming back from a breakdown, is secretly in love with the bride and the groom's mother is popping up on a dating app.
Director: Olivier Nakache & Éric Toledano Starring: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Gilles Lellouche, Jean-Paul Rouve, Vincent Macaigne, Alban Ivanov, Suzanne Clément, Judith Chemla, Eye Haidara, Benjamin Lavernhe Genre: Comedy Running Time: 100 min

GURRUMUL 2nd November 2018

The critically-acclaimed documentary GURRUMUL, provides insight into the life and legacy of one of Australia's greatest musicians.

​ With a voice that captured the heart of millions across the world, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu was an enigmatic talent. Blind from birth, the proud Yolngu man spoke through his music. He found purpose and meaning through songs inspired by his community and country in North East Arnhem Land.  The documentary, GURRUMUL, carries the legacy of this celebrated and important voice, and offers a rare insight into the life of the shy musician beyond the stage and the spotlight. We see a man as he traverses two "different worlds". "One world is Balanda, the other world is Yolngu," as Gurrumul describes it.   Filmed over the course of ten years, the documentary feature by Paul Williams gives us a window into the rich and complex Yolngu culture and ceremonial life, a world that informed the singer's music and voice. As Gurrumul lives an …

THE DEATH OF STALIN 5th October 2018

When tyrannical dictator Joseph Stalin dies in 1953, his parasitic cronies square off in a frantic power struggle to become the next Soviet leader. Among the contenders are the dweebish Georgy Malenkov, the wily Nikita Khrushchev and Lavrenti Beria -- the sadistic secret police chief. As they bumble, brawl and back-stab their way to the top, the question remains -- just who is running the government?

Review:  N.Y Times.  ByManohla Dargis

"The laughs come in jolts and waves in “The Death of Stalin,” delivered in a brilliantly arranged mix of savage one-liners, lacerating dialogue and perfectly timed slapstick that wouldn’t be out of place in a Three Stooges bit. Turning horror into comedy is nothing new, but Mr. Iannucci’s unwavering embrace of these seemingly discordant genres as twin principles is bracing. In “The Death of Stalin,” fear is so overwhelming, so deeply embedded in everyday life that it distorts ordinary expression, utterances, gestures and bodies. It has turned face…

THE PARTY 7th September 2018

A politician’s soiree quickly descends into farce in Sally Potter’s star-laden satire, a sharply observed study of love and politics . Mark Kermode, Observer film critic.
"The Party" is a richly dark social satire by Sally Potter that moves in real time in the home of uber couple Janet (Kristen Scott Thomas) and Bill (Timothy Spall), who are hosting an intimate gathering of friends to celebrate her promotion as Shadow Minister of Health. Bill, an acclaimed academic, however, is preoccupied and increasingly inebriated as he works through his old vinyl record collection, while Janet prepares food and takes calls from well- wishers. Guests start to arrive, and a wonderfully eclectic liberal and north London lot seem to be assembling. There is acerbic American, April (Patricia Clarkson) and her new age boyfriend Gottfried (Bruno Ganz); Martha (Cherry Jones) an academic colleague of Bill's and her much younger heavily pregnant wife, Jinny (Emily Mortimer), and then a palpitati…