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Friday 3rd June

On Friday 3rd June Gerringong Pics & Flicks Inc. present “Barney’s Version” [Rated M]

Review by Margaret Pomeranz

The adaptation of Mordecai Richler's 1997 novel BARNEY'S VERSION was a project very close to the heart of Canadian producer Robert Lantos. This is about Barney, PAUL GIAMATTI, telling his story, his way. About his first marriage in Rome where he and best mate Boogie, SCOTT SPEEDMAN, live the artist life of ex-pats in 1974. And then there are the years back in Montreal where Barney becomes a successful producer of schlock television and where he meets the Jewish princess, MINNIE DRIVER, who will be his second wife. Unfortunately at his wedding he meets the woman he knows is the love of his life. She's Miriam, ROSAMUND PIKE, with whom his life will have enormous rewards and some terrible downs.

Barney is a chain-smoking, hard-drinking hockey fan. He's capricious, he's not exactly the greatest looking guy, but he has a zest for life tha…

MAY MOVIE - Fri May 6, 2011

Sarah's KeyRated M Review by David Stratton SARAH'S KEY is by French director GILLES PAQUET-BRENNER. The original title is ELLE S'APPELAIT SARAH.

Julia, KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS, an American journalist married to a Frenchman and living with their teenaged daughter in Paris, becomes obsessed with the story of Sarah Starzynski, a Jewish girl who in July 1942, at the age of 10, was rounded by French police and, with her parents, confined with 13,000 others in a sweltering sports arena while waiting to be sent to concentration camps.

Sarah is particularly anguished because when the police came she locked her little brother in a secret cupboard in their apartment - the same apartment that, in 2009, Julia's husband is renovating. Further commentsDAVID: Margaret, what did you think of this film?

MARGARET: David, do you know it's another one of those films like THE READER that looks at the horrific things that happened in World War II and the fact that those incidences reach beyo…