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(French with English Subtitles)

Friday March 2, 2012, 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Review by Margaret Pomeranz
Fabrice Luchini is a French actor that always engages, although his ability to play contained uptight men who meet their own comeuppance is fast becoming a cliché. In this he is a stockbroker, Jean-Louis, who adheres to a rigid schedule of a perfectly cooked egg before he sets off to work. His wife Suzanne (Sandrine Kiberlain) is running up against their maid, a left-over from the regime of his mother who died only a short time ago. In the dust-up the old maid quits which leaves this bourgeois house devoid of anyone to do the real work. Suzanne's friends recommend one of the many Spanish women who are floating around Paris in the early 1960's, refugees from Franco's oppressive regime. No sooner are Jean-Louis' eggs cooked perfectly by Maria (Natalia Verbeke) than he becomes involved in the lives of the serving women who live on the 6th…
Pics and Flicks is assisting Transition Towns Kiama to bring this highly acclaimed documentary to the community.
Starts 7.30pm Gerringong Town Hall 
Entry is by gold coin donation. Pics and Flicks membership does not cover this film.
Coal Seam Gas Extraction has become a major issue worldwide as this form of mining spreads rapidly in rural and residential areas. This issue has immediate relevance for Kiama and the Illawarra as extensive Gas Exploration leases cover much of the Illawarra area.  "GasLand' presents the effects of coal seam gas mining and how this impacted on certain American communities.
THE DOCUMENTARY: The largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the US. The Halliburton-developed drilling technology of "fracking" or hydraulic fracturing has unlocked a "Saudia Arabia of natural gas". But is gas drilling safe? 
When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease h…
FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3: This Australian film received fourteen nominations for AACT awards and won the cinematography award.
THE HUNTER Rated M Review by David Stratton
Martin David, WILLEM DAFOE, a modern-day soldier of fortune, rendezvous in Paris with a mysterious man, Jacek Koman, who hires him to travel to Tasmania and attempt to locate a Tasmanian Tiger - although the animal is believed to be extinct, there are rumours that one has been sighted - and its DNA, whether the animal is dead or alive, represents a fortune to vested interests.

In a remote part of the island state, Martin moves into a room in the home of Lucy Armstrong, FRANCES O'CONNOR, mother of two small children; Lucy is still grieving over the fact that her husband, Jarrah, went missing some time ago. While Martin sets about methodically setting traps for the tiger, Lucy and her children are watched over in a possessive way by their neighbour, Jack Mendy, SAM NEILL.

Based on a novel by Julia Leigh, …