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Red DogReview by David Stratton                                         Rated PG

Tom, LUKE FORD, arrives at Dampier, centre of a huge mining operation in Australia's north-west. He discovers that a dog is sick and may have to be put down, but he can't understand why everyone's so concerned about it. The locals, including barman Jack, NOAH TAYLOR, tell him the story of the dog - how it was first seen some years earlier, how it hitched rides with people it liked and how it eventually attached itself to an American, John Grant, JOSH LUCAS, who soon after fell in love with Nancy, RACHAEL TAYLOR, who worked as a secretary for the mining company.

Initial misgivings about a film partly financed by mining giant Rio Tinto, and which therefore not surprisingly presents a very glowing view of a mining community in the Top End, soon evaporate thanks to the genuineness of this emotion-charged sto…