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KAWASAKIHO RUZE (Kawasaki's Rose) Screening 6th December 2013

Kawasaki's Rose is "A soul-searching and brilliantly-acted Czech drama that confronts our beliefs and feelings about memory, idealism, and forgiveness."

Kawasakiho Ruze is a drama about family and politics, the role of memory in relationships, and that of jealousy, arrogance, love, loyalty and betrayal.

Pavel, a distinguished psychiatrist is about to receive an award for his life's work and his role as a dissident. His handsome wife and adoring grown daughter are pleased the honour is coming his way but Ludek, his son-in-law who is employed on a documentary crew filming Pavel, resents that his own family, rooted in Czechoslovakia's Communist past, ended up on the wrong side of history while his wife's is now la crème de la crème. When Ludek discovers that Pavel may have collaborated with the secret police in order to silence a romantic rival, the plot thickens immeasurably. 

KAWASAKI'S ROSE considers the ways in which the past never st…