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WILD TALES 4th Dec 2015

- an Argentinian portmanteau movie that is a tinderbox of delights Review for Cannes Film Festival 2014

The Guardian film review
Damián Szifron’s anthology of tales of revenge is a splendidly anarchic portrait of a world on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fired by “the undeniable pleasure of losing control”, Szifron’s satirical compendium owes as much to the American TV show Tales from the Crypt as to the scandalous European subversions of Luís Buñuel. From aeroplanes to cars, from cafes to sitting rooms, bourgeois repression is not so much dissected as gleefully detonated from within. Here are stories of lives destroyed by parking fines, of road-rage insults escalating into apocalyptic Duel-like confrontations, of white wedding parties descending into something more akin to the final scenes from Carrie – all defined by the sudden and violent breakdown of “polite” behaviour. The results are shocking and sharp as a knife, but be warned – the unfolding real-life tragedy in…


Inspired by real events, this is a black comedy about 20 years of history of Sicily from 1970s to 1990s, mocking mafia bosses and restoring the generosity of the heroes of anti-mafia. Its focuses on Arturo, a young boy who grows up in Palermo and tries to conquer his beloved Flora.

Directed by Pif (Pierfrancesco Diliberto)
Written by Michele Astori, Pif & Marco Martani
Starring Pif, Cristiana Capotondi, Alex Bisconti, Ginevra Antona, Claudio Gioè, Barbara Tabita, Rosario Lisma, Antonio Alveario
Italy, rated M, 90 mins


Due to a sellout of the 3rd October screening of this documentary, Pics and Flicks is presenting an encore performance of this wonderful film about the life of local boy, Orry Kelly, Oscar-winning Hollywood costume designer.

Orry-Kelly behind the scenes with Ava Gardner for One Touch of Venus, 1948

Tickets are $10 from Pics and Flicks at its screening on 2nd Oct, or at the door on the night, unless sold out.

Pics and Flicks supporters with annual memberships can attend this 9th Oct screening at no extra cost - just bring your membership card.  An extra film for your $60 annual price - how good is that!

Critic Comment:
Revered Australian filmmaker Gillian Armstrong has unearthed a fascinating story with her profile of Orry-Kelly (Orry George Kelly), costume designer to the stars during Hollywood’s golden age. Australians love to claim a celebrity as their own, so it’s intriguing that Kelly’s story has not been told before now.
A boy from Kiama, Kelly made the move first to New York…

CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA 2nd October 2015

Gerringong Pics and Flicks presents Clouds of Sils Maria Maria Enders (Juliette Binoche) is an actress at the peak of her international career who is asked to perform in a revival of the play that made her famous twenty years earlier. Back then she played the role of Sigrid, an alluring young woman who disarms and eventually drives her boss Helena to suicide. Now she is being asked to step into the other role, that of the older Helena. She departs with her assistant (Kristen Stewart) to rehearse in Sils Maria, a remote region of the Alps. Maria confronts her personal demons and prepares for the most important role of her life. Set in the scenic splendour of the Swiss Alps, Clouds of Sils Maria is propelled by tour-de-force performances from three actresses at the top of their game. Rating: R (for language and brief graphic nudity) Genre: Drama Directed By: Olivier Assayas Written By: Olivier Assayas

Runtime: 2 hr. 4 min. Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus:

X + Y Screening Fri 4th September 2015

X + Y

Synopsis Preferring to hide in the safety of his own private world, Nathan struggles to connect with people, often pushing away those who want to be closest to him, including his mother, Julie. Without the ability to understand love or affection, Nathan finds the comfort and security he needs in numbers and mathematics. Mentored by his unconventional and anarchic teacher, Mr Humphreys, it becomes clear that Nathan’s talents are enough to win him a place on the British team competing at the highly revered International Mathematics Olympiad. Being part of a team and one which has a real chance of winning seems like it could change Nathan’s life forever. But when the team go to train in Taiwan, Nathan is faced with a multitude of unexpected challenges, not least the new and unfamiliar feelings he begins to experience for one of the Chinese competitors, the beautiful Zhang Mei. From England to Taipei and back again, this inspiring and life-affirming story follows the u…

SALT OF THE EARTH Screening 7th August 2015

Pics and Flicks is proud to present
Salt of the Earth

Movie Info For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling through the continents, in the footsteps of an ever-changing humanity. He has witnessed some of the major events of our recent history; international conflicts, starvation and exodus. He is now embarking on the discovery of pristine territories, of wild fauna and flora, and of grandiose landscapes as part of a huge photographic project, which is a tribute to the planet's beauty. Sebastião Salgado's life and work are revealed to us by his son, Juliano, who went with him during his last travels, and by Wim Wenders, himself a photographer. (C) Sony Classics

ReviewStephen Carty, Radio Times This evocative, Oscar-nominated documentary pays tribute to Sebastiao Salgado, the celebrated Brazilian photographer... He has witnessed his fair share of human suffering, having documented the devastating effects of starvation, poverty, war…

WHIPLASH Screening Fri 3rd July

Pics and Flicks
proud to present

An ambitious young drummer (Miles Teller) at a prestigious music academy clashes with a hard-driving instructor (J.K. Simmons) in this sizzling drama that is already one of the year’s most talked-about films.
"There are no two words more harmful than 'good job.'" This sentiment — spoken by a music teacher to a young student — sows the seeds of a harsh tutelage in Whiplash, a cautionary tale about the pursuit of excellence.
In his second feature film, writer-director Damien Chazelle pits revered and feared jazz conservatory instructor Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) against drumming prodigy Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller). Vying for a core position in Fletcher's elite ensemble, and aspiring to no less than greatness, Neyman will do anything to secure first chair. Before long, reason is abandoned and civility deserted, and the blistered and bleeding Neyman succumbs to Fletcher's abusive teaching techniques. But Neyman has…

FOLIES BERGERE screening Friday 5th June, 8pm


Pics and Flicks
proud to present
 Folies Bergere

Brigitte and Xavier are a couple of cattle farmers living and working together in Normandy. They have always got on well but now that their two children have left the household routine and weariness have set in. One night, Brigitte, who has been invited to a party by a group of Parisians in the house next to their farm, lets herself be wooed by Stan, a witty, cool attractive young man. Some time later, giving a visit to a dermatologist as an excuse, she goes to Paris to meet him. But things do not go according to plan...

Name    Folies Bergere (or La ritournelle) Genre    Comedy Running time     98 min Director     Marc Fitoussi Screen writers     Marc Fitoussi, Sylvie Dauvillier Actors     Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Michael Nyqvist OFLC rating     M Year     2014 Language     French


Gerringong Pics and Flicks  presents: Living Is Easy (With Eyes Closed) Director and Screenplay : David Trueba
Music: Pat Metheny
Producer: Cristina Huete
Cast: Javier Camara, Natalia de Molina, Francesc Colomer
Classification: M
Duration: 108 mins
Country: Spain

Language: Spanish
Review by David Stratton
In 1966, Antonio, Javier Camara, who teaches English at a school in a small town in La Mancha, is obsessed with The Beatles, to the point that he has his class recite the lyrics from "Help!" in English. When he learns that John Lennon is making a Richard Lester film, HOW I WON THE WAR, in Almeria, in the south of the country, he decides to go there to try to meet him. Along the way he picks up a couple of runaways - three months pregnant Belen, Natalia de Molina, who has left a home for unmarried mothers, and Juanjo, Francese Colomer, who has left home after a fight with his policeman father over his long hair.
This terrifically enjoyable film takes its title from the lyrics …

TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT 10th April 2015


PRIDE 6th March 2015

PRIDE is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It's the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers' families. Initially rebuffed by the Union, the group identifies a tiny mining village in Wales and sets off to make their donation in person. As the strike drags on, the two groups discover that standing together makes for the strongest union of all. (C) CBS
Awards: scooped the outstanding debut award at the Bafta Film Awards.  Nominations: GLAAD and GALECA UK.  Rating:R (for language and brief sexual content)Genre:Drama , ComedyDirected By:Matthew WarchusWritten By: Stephen Beresford Runt…

Did You Miss a Pics and Flick screening last year?

We thought you might be interested to know that we're about to donate DVDs of some of the recent Pics and Flicks screenings, to the Kiama Libraries.

We do this regularly so you should be able to find DVDs of many of our screenings over the last 10 or so years - all in the library for members to borrow! Look for the Pics and Flicks sticker on the DVD.

If you missed one of our films or would like to see one again then here's your chance!

The latest donations are:
The Great Beauty
Still Life
Stories We Tell
The Gilded Cage
Flickerfest 20th Anniversary DVD


THE LUNCHBOX 6th Feb 2015

For its first screening in 2015 Pics and Flicks is pleased to present:

Mumbai’s famously efficient lunchbox delivery system transports thousands of meals every day from kitchens to offices. A Harvard University study found that just one in a million lunchboxes is ever delivered to the wrong address. This is the story of that one lunchbox.
Ila, a neglected housewife, attempts to spice up her marriage by preparing a special lunch for her husband. When it is accidentally delivered to Saajan, a lonely widower on the brink of retirement, they exchange notes to each other to get to the bottom of the mistaken delivery. Their notes gradually evolve into a series of intimate little confessions about their loneliness, memories, regrets, fears and small joys. Still strangers physically, Ila and Saajan become swept up in a relationship built on the fantasy of their letters.
Charming and whimsical, it's a feast for the eyes.
-David Parkinson, EMPIRE MAGAZINE For the acting alone, &quo…