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A LATE QUARTET screening 4th October 2013

Some of America's finest actors give their all in this movie we call 'Performance'.

A film by Yaron Zilberman   featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener and Mark Ivanir

A Late Quartet is visually and musically rich. But above all there are the performances, individually and as an ensemble, and they're pitch perfect. Philip French UK Observer

Film Synopsis
Christopher Walken plays an elderly cellist who’s aware he’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease. When he tells the other members, they react in different ways.
The first violinist (brilliantly  played by the least-known actor, Mark Ivanir) is a dry perfectionist, whose emotions are channelled into classical music. With cold practicality, he simply sets about finding a replacement.
The second violinist (an on-form Philip Seymour Hoffman) is more passionate — and more insecure and egotistical. He demands to alternate as first violinist.
His wife (the ever-reliable Catherine Keener) re…