Join us for the "IN THE BIN" Short Film Festival on Saturday April 9 from 7pm at the Gerringong Town Hall.

Bring your friends and family to this travelling short film festival, the biggest of its kind in Australia.

Films include:

Aphrodite’s Farm, directed by Adam Strange (15Mins).

When the Aphrodite’s Farm patriarch dies, the future of the farm is thrown into jeopardy,
and the arrival of young farm hand Friday creates even more chaos before finally bringing the family’s destiny full circle.
Country of Origin: Australia.

Awaken (right), directed by David Gould
(14mins 45secs)

Awaken is set in a time of war between humans and robots. A robotic soldier, whose
sole purpose is to kill, gradually learns that life is precious. Its newfound convictions are put to the
ultimate test in the film's dramatic climax.
Country of Origin: Australia

Boundless, directed by Stephen Kanaris (17mins 24 secs)

Craig, 35, has Downs syndrome, is single, lives with his parents, doesn’t work, drive or have a girlfriend. Cr
aig wants to be a businessman and with his almost super strength ability to imagine, he lives that dream everyday…until, one day
Craig’s imagination decides that it's time to make it all a reality.


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