THE ANGELS' SHARE Screening 3rd May 2013

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The Angels' Share

"The Angels' Share is a surprisingly delightful, uplifting comedy that successfully blends a charming story of redemption with bits of dark humour and a social message." [Rotten Tomatoes film website]
MA, 1 hr. 41 min.
Drama, Comedy
Ken Loach

Review: 'The Angels' Share'
Review by David Stratton:

Robbie, PAUL BRANNIGAN, is a young Glaswegian, an ex-con though still in his early 20s, who is brought before the sheriff's court on an assault charge. Robbie's girlfriend, Leonie, SIOBHAN REILLY, is pregnant and he convinces the sheriff he wants to reform. As a result, he's sentenced to community service and finds himself together with gormless Albert, GARY MAITLAND, Mo, JASMIN RIGGINS, a thief, and Rhino, WILLIAM RUANE, who has an odd sense of humour, working under the command of Harry, JOHN HENSHAW, a tough but good-hearted man who senses Robbie's potential - and that potential, strange as it may seem, lies in his appreciation of prime quality whisky.

The film has a rough and ready look, but the charm of its battler characters shines through and there's plenty to relish here, even though the plot gets more and more improbable the further it proceeds.


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