THE GILDED CAGE screening 3rd October

The Gilded Cage

"The Gilded Cage focuses on a diligent Portuguese couple, who have long made France their home. Maria Ribeiro (Rita Blanco) works as a concierge in an upmarket residential complex in Paris, while her husband, José (Joaquim De Almeida) is a respected, hard-working foreman for a nearby construction company. They live modestly with their adult daughter, Paula (Barbara Cabrita) and teenage son, Pedro (Alex Alves Pereira) in the ground-floor apartment of said complex, with Maria seemingly on call 24/7.
Evidently, Maria and José have become indispensable to their respective bosses. So much so, that when they receive surprising news from Portugal – an unexpected inheritance has left them a sprawling family estate, which would allow them to retire early and live comfortably – the Ribeiros are faced with a dilemma. Not only must they hand in their notice, but they also face tearing Paula and Pedro – who both favour France over Portugal – away from their adopted homes."

  Film critic and entertainment writer, The Age.

Genre Comedy

Running time 91 min 
Director Ruben Alves

Screen writer Ruben Alves, Hugo Gélin, Jean-André Yerles
Actors Rita Blanco, Joaquim de Almeida, Roland Giraud

Year 2013 
Language Portuguese, French, English


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