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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PHOENIX 6th May 2016

Pics and Flicks
brings you:

  •  Nelly (Nina Hoss), a German-Jewish nightclub singer, has survived a concentration camp, but with her face disfigured by a bullet wound. After reconstructive surgery, Nelly emerges with a new face, one similar but different enough that her former husband, Johnny (Ronald Zehrfeld), doesn’t recognize her. Rather than reveal herself, Nelly walks into a dangerous game of duplicity and disguise as she tries to figure out if the man she loves may have betrayed her to the Nazis. [IFC Films]
  • Runtime: 98 min
    Rating: Rated PG-13 for some thematic elements and brief suggestive material
    Production: ARTE
    Genres: Drama, History
    Countries: Germany, Poland
    Languages: English, German
    Christian Petzold
    Christian Petzold
    Harun Farocki
    Hubert Monteilhet
  • Starring: Felix Römer, Imogen Kogge, Michael Maertens, Nina Hoss, Nina Kunzendorf, Ronald Zehrfeld, Trystan Pütter, Uwe Preuss

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