LOVING VINCENT 1st June 2018

This feature-length painted animation -- the first film of its kind -- explores the life and unusual death of Vincent Van Gogh via depictions of his artworks. 
Loving Vincent is a beautiful curiosity. ​

You can't take your mind off the machinery behind it to concentrate entirely on the story that it's telling. Nonetheless, it's enthralling - an artistic biography of Vincent van Gogh which knits the life and the work together with a firmness which illuminates both. 

Polish writer-director Dorota Kobiela,  and her co-director, Hugh Welchman, first filmed a live-action version then had teams of painters and animators overlay it with a rendition done in van Gogh's impasto style.
A small army of oil painters from all over the world were recruited for the job and many of the paintings are copied wholly or in part, resulting in an eerie series of juxtapositions of well-known actors within Van Gogh paintings. 
The plot is an investigation into the artist's death, stimulated by Vincent's final letter to his brother Theo.


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